SimCity BuildIt Bubbles and Production

simcity buildit game

One of the popular city building games is SimCity BuildIt. It was launched in the year 2014 and is compatible with both Android as well as Apple devices. It has been more than two years since it has been introduced into the world and it continues to intrigue and make building a city fun. The ultimate purpose of the game is to build a city that satisfies the people living in it. The game itself is free to play and can be played on mobile phones as well as tablets. SimCity BuildIt is a game which makes use of in-game currency called as Simoleons.

Popping the Bubbles

When you build the city, the ultimate purpose as the mayor of the city is to keep the people living in it happily. In order to know the thoughts of your people, bubbles will appear and you can tap on it to display the content. Based on the bubble, you can take the necessary steps to fulfill the wants of your people. If your people are not happy with the city, they will evacuate from the city and your city will slowly die. Some bubbles also offer special items which you can use. Sometimes, when visiting the other people’s city, you can get access to their special items by clicking on their bubble.


Factories and industries are the places which produce the material required to build the buildings. One tip is to keep the factories running during the time you sleep so that when you wake up your material will be ready for you to use it. This is why it is wise to build as many factories as you can which will also be a good way to help you earn some extra cash. When you have surplus material, you can also choose to sell your material to the other players.

Fun-Filled Game

Playing simcity buildit, you will not notice as time flies. The game is fun to play and can also be played when you are not connected to the internet. When connected, the game will automatically save up to where you have played and helps you to backup your game when necessary. When you tap on the level circle, you can take a quick view into what you can expect to get from the next level. You can use this to your advantage and take decisions that will suit the next unlock to help you play the game in a more efficient manner.

When playing simcity buildit, you will find it hard to earn simoleons which is required to buy things that you need from the Trade HQ or the Market. This is where simcity buildit cheats comes in handy and gives you enough simoleons to buy all your essentials. As the time taken to build buildings and produce materials increases, the amount of cash that you begin to earn will start to slow down and result in stopping you from investing in your city further.

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