Divorce and Mediators

The divorce statistics in the UK are very grim. According to the Telegraph, 42 percent of marriages end in divorce. When a person decides to end their marriage, they should first hire family law solicitors birmingham. In many cases, when a person sits down with their solicitor, they will be sent to mediation.

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What is a Mediator?

A mediator is a professional who is highly trained in mediation. This is a person whose job it is to help couples who are divorcing solve their problems. The mediator will help couples get to a place where they can make compromises regarding the divorce settlement.

Who Would Need a Mediator?

The couples who would benefit from a mediator the most are the ones who cannot agree upon a settlement. When couples are at a standstill regarding the division of property and assets, if they cannot agree upon a custody and visitation agreement for their children, or if they cannot agree upon spousal support or child support, a mediator can help.

Where Can You Find a Mediator?

If a couple is looking for a mediator, their solicitor would be able to give them some names. The couple can go online and do a search for mediators in the area, however, if they want to be sure that they are sitting down with an experienced, reputable mediator, they should get a few names from their solicitor. Most solicitors suggest mediation to couples and they often work with the same person. This will ensure that the couple is going to be working with a qualified, highly trained mediator who has a high rate of success.

How Can a Mediator Help During or After a Divorce?

A mediator can help couple compromise. The mediator will help resolve things before the case goes before a district judge. Not only will this allow the couple to compromise and get the things that they want, it will also save the court time and money.

When is a Mediator Needed?

Unfortunately, when a couple is going through a divorce, there are often feelings of anger, betrayal, and even sadness on both sides. These feeling can make it difficult for a person to see things clearly. Many couples will put these feeling first, and they won't be willing to compromise at all. The negative feelings can make it impossible for couples to compromise and agree upon a settlement. Mediators are trained to help couples get past the negative feelings that they have for each other so that they can speak calmly with each other. Until they can sit down and have a conversation, they aren't going to get anywhere.

Going through a divorce is never easy. It can be very difficult for both spouses. The best way for a couple to have an amicable divorce where they can make a compromise so that both parties walk away happy is for the couple to sit down with a mediator. Mediation is a very successful tool during a divorce. The fact that most family law solicitors recommend mediation should give couples faith that a mediator can help.